One solution,
ten lenders

Retrieve instant, customer pre-approved, real APR quotes from the
UK's best personal loan providers via the Accepty API.

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Lender Panel API

Integrate the Accepty API into your website, app, or platform to get customer quotes from the UK's leading personal loan lenders.

Multiple Lenders

Access the UK's leading unsecured lenders with a single API integration.

Instant Pre-approvals

All customer loan quotes are eligibility checked and returned within seconds.

Real APRs

Quotes contain the APR the customer will get, no guesswork involved.

No Customer Data Stored

We don't save your customers' data - no data breach or competition risk.

Full Control

Control your lender panel as if you had integrated with each lender directly.

Easily Integrable

A simple, behind the scenes solution with standardised requests and responses.

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